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Who Knows You?
Author Name : Joanne Weiland
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Abstract : Are you a networker? Do you know hundreds of people? Have you met thousands of folks? Feels good doesn’t it? I thought this was the key to success. Until my mentor taught me - it is not who you know. What? It is who knows you and what you can do for them. He said that is the key in success. After pouting I got busy figuring out how to tell the world who I was and what I can do for them. For the past 12+ years I have been developing deeper relationships over social media, on Skype, Zoom, in person, phone, etc. Invented a platform to follow up frequently, automated processes, continuously create compelling content. Now I receive invitations to be the guest expert on radio and pod casts; be featured in media publications. We send out 35 tweets a day our 30K followers on Twitter. We share insights daily on LinkedIn and Facebook. Our services are featured on our Affiliate and Vendor websites, newsletters, promotions, etc. Would you like more prospective clients to know who you are and what you can do for them? Imagine being the guest expert on dozens of radio and pod cast shows. What if you could be featured in publications? Be known worldwide? Let's strategize and make it a reality. You worked hard to become the expert NOW it is time to share your expertise with prospective clients. Why wait? Imagine good fortune to flow in, around and through you. You are worthy and deserving to receive financial freedom. What was once impossible can become possible, what was once unrealized can become reality. Together we can discover opportunities that eluded you in the past and light up a path to financial increase. After our 65 minute consultation you will receive an email with specific contacts we discuss from my ever expanding personal database of tens of thousands of connections. Connections that fit your goals and life style. 65 minutes vs. 12 years. You choose which is the best use of your time.
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