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Your Discovery Day
Author Name : Joanne Weiland
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Abstract : Dear you one year from now, Imagine it is 12 months from now, you are a year older and wiser. You have done a lot in your life up to his point however there is something much bigger in store for you in the not-too-distant-future. The challenge is that there are a few things you MUST do in order to achieve your destiny. The world is shifting and changing all around you. More and more people are becoming entrepreneurs, many becoming the go to expert because they understand the power of a niche within a niche leads to success. If you don’t step into your dreams they will not become reality. What you decide at this moment will determine the degree of success you will achieve over the next year. You can do what you have always been doing and slowly struggle to achieve what your heart desires or you can simplify the process by booking your Discover Day. There are some BIG things in store for you – but in order to accomplish them you have to face your fears, overcome your obstacles, persevere patiently and continue to focus, focus, focus. Relentlessly be committed to your goal every day, see your vision clearer and clearer. Don’t give up no matter who says what or what anyone says. You were created for this position but that doesn’t mean it is handed to you – you must press on and on to obtain the title. When you consider giving up – press on – we are counting on you – others are watching cheering for you to continue to your destiny of financial freedom doing what you love and loving what you do. If you only have the courage to step forward and grasp what we have for you to simplify this journey making it more pleasant and easier to travel. It is going to be an incredible year – I hope you decide you deserve to stop the struggle and start life to its fullest. Do today what others won’t so tomorrow you can do what others can’t.
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