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Who Am I?
Author Name : MaryLou Houllis
Price : $ 10
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Event : New Beginnings Oneness Center
Abstract : 2000 years ago Yeshua, a mystic told about how you can hear the voice of God, the Devine and I are one, he has power to lay his life down and pick it up again. He was fully aware of his divinity with God. They tried to stone him. He asked didn’t your masters tell you: “Know you are gods!” If you knew who you are what would you do? You are infinite power, eternal. It is only when we allow ego to limit ourselves that we don’t remember who we are. How would we act, how would we live if we knew we are god? We would know we have the people, resources, talents, etc we needed when we need them. We can’t give away what we don’t have. When we celebrate our differences, our different talents we are in awe of who we are. Everything is within your touch. Look at all you have done, or all your failures and now know you needed that to be where you are now! Jesus said: I will be with you to the end of the age.
File Format : MP3
Length : 00:38:57
Speaker : MaryLou Houllis
Publishing Rights : yes
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